Welcome to our website, a beacon of advocacy and solidarity for educators living with Long Covid. In the wake of unprecedented challenges, teachers were thrust into the frontline of danger and uncertainty, often without adequate protection or support. Their safety and well-being disregarded as classrooms became battlegrounds for the spread of illness, with children knowingly being the largest vectors of the disease.

As schools were abandoned by Government, trying to adapt and closures came too late, many educators found themselves in harm's way, their careers hanging in the balance. Now, facing the aftermath of the crisis, countless teachers are grappling with debilitating illness and the harsh reality of a profession they can no longer sustain. With schools slow to respond and protection measures lacking, educators found themselves in perilous situations, their careers abruptly cut short and their lives irreversibly altered. Now, grappling with debilitating long-term illnesses and facing a stark absence of support, many educators are left with no choice but to bid farewell to the profession they loved. Yet, in their pursuit of justice and reparation, they refuse to be silenced. 

Join us as we stand in solidarity, amplifying our voices, advocating for the rights we deserve and for justice in our pursuit for restitution. 

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